Mortons Neuroma

Mortons Neuroma is an injury to the nerve between the toes which causes thickening of the nerve and thereby pain. It commonly affects the nerve located located between the 3rd and 4th toe. A burning pain which radiates across the toes. Sometimes numbness can be associated and the pain can be relieved by removing the shoes and massaging the area.

Excessive lateral movement of the forefoot caused by pronation can cause this complaint, as can excessive pressure on the area caused by footwear, or sports activities. A thickening of the tissues around the nerve leading to the toes creates the situation and causes compression on the nerve. There are no outward visible symptoms.


Raising and lifting the metatarsals (ball of foot) and very careful padding to lift and separate the painful area and reduce the pressure, is very effective. This can be incorporated onto an orthotic device, which will also aid the situation by holding the foot in a more stable position.

Advice on footwear would also be given. Very often a much rounder toe shape, and in the case of womens footwear, a very low almost flat shoe would be advised. For men who wear a more traditional oxford dress shoe, with a slim toe shape and leather soles, then a change to a more casual, man made cushioned sole shoe would help. In all cases, once again, the use of a good well made and designed trainer is always of benefit. In the summer the use of sandals is very effective. Removing the lateral compression of the metatarsal heads will relieve some of the pain, but as stated in the previous paragraph, raising those metatarsal heads with a metatarsal pad is essential.

It is sometimes necessary with this condition to consult with an Orthopeadic Surgeon. A ultra sound guided injection might be offered and in extreme cases, and as a last resort, an operation to remove the neuroma.

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