Dorset Podiatry

Because of the number of sports people in the Weymouth and Dorchester area, Dorset Biomechanics is never short of clients who want to take full advantage of consulting with a fully qualified and experienced Podiatrist. Walkers of all ages, Runners, and Athletes in general who have any performance problems make a bee line for the Surgery.

A Podiatrist is trained in all aspects of foot care and foot health. All Podiatrists today have to meet the specific requirements of the Health Professions Council, which is the regulatory body for all health care practitioners. It is illegal to practice using the term Podiatrist/Chiropodist without being registered with the council. Our Podiatrist is registered with the Health Professions Council and regularly attends Seminars and Conferences on Biomechanics to constantly further her knowledge of the subject.

The towns of Weymouth and Dorchester, are situated near the coast in Dorset and because of the spectacular beauty of the Jurassic coast people come from far and wide to walk the coastal paths or in some cases run the coastal paths. There are numerous walking clubs and running clubs in the area and many members consult Dorset Biomechanics if they are having any fitness problems.

A Podiatrist who specialises in Biomechanics deals with painful gait related problems which can occur when the foot itself is not balanced and aligned. Sometimes dealing with such problems might only involve giving advise and perhaps an exercise programme. Sometimes the use of orthotics might be recommended to help realign the foot as it goes through the gait cycle.

Dorset podiatry can help you if you want to maintain your fitness, whatever your age, either by walking, running or playing sports, and are experiencing problems, then contact us and we will see if we can help. Call us now on 01305 83 17 15.

Dorset Podiatry

My son came to Dorset Biomechanics on recommendation from a Physiotherapist. He had been having some lower back problems and had very poor posture. Orthotics changed his life, and I would recommend a visit to Dorset Biomechanics to anyone having similar problems.

I had been running as a fund raiser for about 5 years when I developed Plantar Fasciitis as a result of my particular biomechanics. I had a thorough video gait analysis done by Dorset Biomechanics which suggested I would benefit from orthotics. These worked well. Since experiencing these beneficial results I have recommended Dorset Biomechanics to many people and have no hesitation in continuing to do so.

I had a biomechanical evaluation done by Dorset Biomechanics and can recommend this to any sports person who thinks they might have problems with their running technique.

My son is a very keen cricketer, aged 11.
He played for his school, and was starting to play at junior county level, but was having knee pain. My Osteopath recommended Dorset Biomechanics and he was fitted with sports orthotics. They made an instant difference, and he has now had three pairs, due to growth and at 14 is still playing cricket without pain of any type. Getting orthotics for my son was the best money I have spent.

Osteoarthritis had over the years affected my knees and at 56 I was limited in terms of activity and comfort. After a visit to Dorset Biomechanics I received my first pair of orthotics and they made so much difference to my life. I can now walk so much further and in comfort. The Foot Clinic has an excellent reputation in the area and I have no hesitation in recommending her.

My Osteopath recommended me to Dorset Biomechanics as my hip, back and shoulder problems were worsening. Once I had my orthotics I immediately felt the benefits. Walking long distances were no longer a problem and my hip and low back problems resolved. Because of this, I took up running for the first time in my life. I have lost weight and feel good. Last year I completed my first triathlon. I have never looked back.

I consulted with The Foot Clinic at Dorset Biomechanics as I had pain in my right thigh. I had previously consulted my GP Chiropractor, Osteopath, and had epidurals and painkillers and physio. Walking made it worse. The Foot Clinic diagnosed ITB which is often caused by overpronation. Since I received my orthotics I have had no problems and can now walk without pain.

Having arrived at the point when walking more than a few hundred yards was becoming a serious problem, I can now quite literally walk for miles with none of my original foot pain. For me orthoses have been one of the best investments I have ever made.

My Osteopath suggested I consult with Dorset Biomechanics as he suggested my back pain which was increasing, could be because of my poor posture. Since I received my orthotics even my family have noticed I am now walking 'normally'. My life has changed for the better thanks to The Foot Clinic. I would recommend a visit.

I am an Ultra Runner with a very distinctive running style. Unfortunately this style was causing me injury after injury and I wasn't running as efficiently as I should. After spending pounds and attending many sessions with my Physio, I decided to visit Dorset Biomechnics. I got a good assessment from someone who really knows about my sport and this is now making a tremendous difference to my running. Great service and support, money well spent.

My son went to see The Foot Clinic at Dorset Biomechanics on the recommendation of his Physio. He had low back problems and very poor posture. He wanted to join the Army, but there was no way he could run and get fit enough to enter. After a thorough examination he was prescribed orthotics. The transformation was amazing! His posture changed, his confidence grew, and he got fit enough to be accepted into the Army. He now often runs 10 miles at the weekends. I can honestly say a visit to Dorset Biomechanics changed his life. Highly recommended.